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there is always that one day with no wind

On day 2 of the iQGames here in Cadiz, we faced a discouraging forecast that predicted light winds and shifts turning 360 degrees throughout the day, offering little promise for racing.

Credit: @SailingEnegy / @iQFOiLClass

During the coach meeting this morning at 10:30, the situation became even clearer - we would be waiting today. Shortly after, we received the AP (postponement) flag signaling a two-hour delay. This meant that the first possible start would not be at 12 but at least two hours later, allowing many athletes to head back home and relax before returning to prepare again.

As the two-hour delay progressed, another hour was added, extending the total delayed time to 3 hours after 12 o'clock. However, during this final hour, things started to shift on the water as the wind slowly stabilized from the same direction and began to strengthen. As the 3-hour delay elapsed, we transitioned to a normal postponement, indicating that the athletes could be sent out onto the water at any moment.

After an additional 30 minutes of delay, the wind finally picked up enough to allow for racing, with the race committee even measuring gusts of 9 knots. The senior fleet was sent out first, but it quickly became apparent that the wind, which had been building for so long, immediately dissipated after reaching its peak. Windsurfers ventured out to the course for naught, returning home without having sailed any races.

Looking ahead, the forecast for tomorrow is showing very strong winds, with over 30 knots expected. This will push the limits of what's possible for iQFOiL Racing, setting the stage for an exciting and challenging day on the water.

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