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At iQFOiL Class, we are proud to collaborate with partners like Starboard and other environmentally conscious organizations. Together, we strive to protect our planet and leave a lasting positive impact. Through sustainable manufacturing practices, responsible sourcing, and innovative recycling initiatives, we prioritize the health of our environment. By championing clean oceans, reducing our carbon footprint, and supporting environmental education, we are dedicated to creating a better world for future generations. Join us in our commitment to a greener, more sustainable future, where all our events are 10X climate positive.

Want to be a part of the eco task force? Contact to get involved or share your ideas and recommendations to make iQFOiL events better for the planet.


The Impact of iQFOiL Equipment

Based on our latest calculations, the Carbon Footprint of a full, Senior iQFOiLOlympic setup is 721.31 kg CO2e.


This footprint takes into account the emissions from raw materials, manufacturing and transportation of each part of the iQFOiL kit - from the foil to the footstraps

The iQFOiL is the official windsurfing equipment of the 2024 and 2028 Olympics in Paris and Los Angeles. The equipment designs are locked and won’t be changed until at least 2029, but that doesn’t stop us from continually improving and updating our Equipment Carbon Footprint calculations. View the full report to learn more.

Turning Negatives into Positives

Understanding the impact of iQFOiL equipment is the first step towards reducing and offsetting. 


We are working on reducing our emissions by supporting factories in switching to solar power and researching and testing eco alternative materials for future designs


But reducing our impact to zero is not yet possible, so we are mitigating our environmental impact with positive action.


For each iQFOiL setup sold we plant 22 mangroves with Worldview International Foundation in Myanmar. Over the next 25 years, CO2 sequestered by these trees will offset emissions 10 times over.

Through planting mangroves we support vulnerable coastal communities around the parks and promote sustainable development projects including:

  • Freshwater infrastructure 

  • Solar power networks

  • Education & schools support

  • Income generation activities for families

Starboard's Plastic Offset Program also collects 11.4kg of plastic from the shorelines of Thailand & Myanmar for every board sold. This is the weight of a senior iQFOiL board in beach and ocean plastic.

Tackling the plastic crisis while providing income, environmental education and livelihood support to local communities.

Mangroves planted in Myanmar
WhatsApp Image 2024-02-20 at 06.47.27.jpeg
Beach  cleaning in Miyakojima iQFOiL Games

End of life Initiatives

Sometimes broken equipment is inevitable, especially at the highest level of elite sport. But the earth has limited resources and finding ways to give broken equipment a new life is an important way we can improve our impact on the planet. 


For this reason please bring any broken carbon masts to iQFOiL events where we will collect them for recycling. 


You can read more about our work with the Carbon Fiber Circular Alliance and what happens to these masts HERE.



For each of the major iQFOiL events, we calculate the carbon emissions from travel, fuel use and electricity consumption. We then plant enough mangroves to offset these emissions 10X over. 

View the 2022 iQFOiL Environmental Impact Report to find out more.


Be a part of the solution

Coming to one of our events? Take 2 minutes to tell us your travel details before each event so we can calculate and offset your plane, train or car emissions.

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