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Waves towering above sailors make an end to the opening series

Today marked day 4 of the iQFOiL International Games in Cadiz, presenting sailors with challenging conditions characterized by towering waves and shifting, gusting winds. It proved to be a day where both tactical decisions and technical skills were put to the test, with waves occasionally surging to the tops of the masts, leaving a lasting impression on the sailors.

Credit: @SailingEnergy / @iQFOiLClass

Additionally, today marked the conclusion of the opening series as we transition into the Medal series tomorrow. In the Medal series, only the top 10 riders will compete for medal, intensifying the competition.

Amidst the turbulent waves, new leaders emerged, reshaping the rankings. Polish sailor Michal Polak now leads the men's senior fleet, while German Theresa Steinlein claimed the top spot in the women's fleet, displacing Norwegian Tuva Oppedal to 2nd place.

Carola Colasanto maintained her dominance in the women's U19 category, leading the pack with her fellow Italians closely trailing behind. In the men's U19 division, Igor Lewinski reclaimed the lead, relegating Tom Nicolle to 3rd place.

In the U17 girls' fleet, Maria Rudowicz continued her impressive performance, maintaining her lead with consistent finishes. Similarly, Polish sailor Gustaw Trybek retained his lead in the boys' U17 category.

All leaders from today are guaranteed a medal in this event, with tomorrow's races determining their final placement in the top 3.

Looking ahead, the forecast for tomorrow appears extreme, with expectations of even larger waves, potentially reaching another meter in height compared to today's conditions, and winds gusting up to 40 knots. Participants brace themselves for another day of intense racing amidst the elements and each other.

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