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Registration is done and dusted in Miyakojima, Japan. The Island is the host of the 2nd stop of the International Games World Tour and the first stop in Asia this year.

Credit: @SailingEnergy

Miyako-Island, Japan

Registration went smoothly and it quickly became time for the so-called practice race. The idea of a practice race is for everyone to practice and prepare for what is coming in the next week. The athletes get to check out the course and see the marks that are used. The race comity gets to work together with the local crew and will find out if there are any problems before, during or after the practice race. Those can then be solved without any delays in actual racing.

It is the first time the iQFOIL Class is having an event on the Island, but Miyako Island shows a lot of potentials to host feature events. With great windsurfing conditions and beautiful sights, this place is Paradise for every windsurfer. Stay tuned for this week in Miyakojima!


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