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Thrilling Finale at the 2023 iQFOiL International Games

The final day of the 2023 iQFOiL International Games in Torbole, Italy, lived up to the windsurfing world's expectations. With a vibrant morning breeze, the day began early, with the coaches meeting at 7:30 and the first possible start at 8:30, ensuring ample time to complete the races in the brisk morning wind.

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The women's quarter-final kicked off with an immediate twist when the race had to be recalled due to an early start by one of the competitors, Giovanna Prada from Brazil. Following the restart, the quarter-final was secured by Pola Wawrzyniak, joined by Elena Sandera. They advanced to the semi-final, where Dilara Uralp Palombo and Katerina Svikova joined the fierce competition. However, another general recall occurred as Pola Wawrzyniak jumped the gun once again.

In the end, the Women's Semi-final saw Elena Sandera and Dilara Uralp Palombo securing their tickets to the final race, joining Alisa Engelmann. The final race unfolded without a hitch, determining the medal winners. Alisa Engelmann of Germany demonstrated her dominance throughout the week and clinched the gold, followed by Turkish windsurfer Dilara Uralp Palombo in second place, and Swiss Elena Sandera securing the bronze.

The Men's fleet experienced smooth sailing with no general recalls. Leonidas Tsortanidis from Greece claimed the first quarter-final, along with Frenchman Fabien Pianazza. They proceeded to the semi-final alongside Endre Funnemark from Norway and fellow French windsurfer Yun Pouliquen. In the semi-final, Leonidas Tsortanidis and Yun Pouliquen emerged as the finalists, setting the stage for an intense showdown with Onur Cavit Biriz from Turkey.

The final race saw Onur Cavit Biriz facing a challenging start but working his way back into contention on the downwind leg. However, a tactical mistake by Biriz allowed Leonidas Tsortanidis to seize the lead and claim the victory. Onur Cavit Biriz secured second place, while Yun Pouliquen rounded out the podium in third.

The 2023 iQFOiL International Games showcased the resilience and skill of windsurfers in the face of unpredictable winds. Congratulations to all the medalists and participants for their outstanding performances!

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