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Last month we spoke with Dutchman Huig-Jan Tak about him trying a frontloop \ if he becomes World Champion (we do not recommend this). If you haven't read it yet, go check it out. For this month we are talking to Nicole Van Der Velden about her and why she choose the iQFOiL Class.

Who is Nicole Van Der Velden?

I was born in Madrid, Spain but then moving around for a bit, growing up for the most part on the island of Aruba. I finished my high school there getting right into olympic campaigning straight after what’s kept me busy the past 8 years.

Which Sports have you done in the past and what are your hobbies?

As a kid I tried out a bit of everything with gymnastics and windsurfing taking up most of my time. I then got into sailing and swapped around in a couple of classes. In my free time I enjoy surfing, golfing, sailing on foiling boats and some yoga to make sure I don’t lose my flexibility.

What made you join the iQFOiL class?

I think one of the things that has attracted me most to the IQfoil is the speed and the technical part of foil windsurfing. I love the combination of physical and technical aspect to it.

What is your ultimate goal in iQFOiL?

I would like to see until where I can push myself in this new class and be able to reach my own personal highest level.

Do you have a favorite quote?

It would probably be Carpe Diem, live in the moment. I think it’s what I try to guide myself by most. To not get caught up in the past or future.

Anything else we should know?

Fun fact is that home we where all born in different countries. Mom and Dad from Venezuela and The netherlands, and me and my brothers, Spain, Surinam and Aruba. We have a bit of everything in the family.

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