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Slalom action on day two

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

A storm front around the island and big clouds above Miyakojima made racing difficult on the second day here at the International Games Japan. The plan for today, Slalom.

Credit: @SailingEnergy

Miyakojima, Japan

After one race sailed for both the mens and women’s fleet, the wind dropped drastically and foiling was no longer possible, AP on shore was given and riders came back to the island. The riders had to wait for over 3 hours on shore but ones the clouds moved on, racing could start again and the riders were back on the water.

As soon as the wind came back 5 more slalom races were sailed and racing was tight. The Japanese team shows their dominance, especially in the women’s fleet where Yuki Sunaga is still leading. Close behind her, Fujiko Onishi “today some races were good and some were bad, but my feeling about the day was very good. Hopefully tomorrow it will be a better day for me”

In the mens fleet there is a new leader, Tomonori Anami took over the lead from Daiya today by winning 5 out of 6 slalom races. Anami “I am really happy now! We did 6 races and I was on the top spot nearly every race so yes, I am very happy now and tomorrow I hope I get: top-top-top-top: 1-1-1”

Stay tuned for more racing tomorrow!

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