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No Races On Day 4 of the International Games Torbole

Day 4 of the iQFOiL International Games in Torbole tested the patience of the athletes as the winds were light. The plan was to kick off racing at 13:00, but the wind played coy, keeping competitors and organizers waiting. Recognizing the need for better conditions, the race committee raised the AP (Postponement) flag and kept an eye out for improved wind conditions. Finally, around 14:00, the wind arrived, and windsurfers were dispatched onto the water. story continues below photo

Credit: @DRYFN.1

Despite their determination and the race committee's efforts, the light winds at Lake Garda posed a challenge, races were started but none were completed. This left the rankings unchanged, setting the stage for tomorrow's medal series, where only the top 10 contenders will vie for those coveted podium places.



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