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Intense Battles Continue on Day 3

The 2023 Open European Championships in iQFOiL windsurfing entered its third day of thrilling competition in Patras, Greece. Today marked a significant milestone as the men and women's fleets were divided into Gold and Silver fleets, intensifying the competition. With winds exceeding 25 knots, the athletes faced another demanding day on the waters of Patras.

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Credit: @SailingEnergy / @iQFOiLClass

Patras, Greece - May 11, 2023

This highly anticipated event, which commenced on May 9th and will run until May 14th, promises exciting racing as athletes vie for victory in the ultimate medal series—an all-or-nothing elimination race featuring the top 10 riders. However, due to the strong winds and safety concerns, today's planned marathon race had to be postponed, with a possibility of rescheduling it for tomorrow.

In the men's fleet, Sebastian Koerdel from Germany emerged as the standout performer of the day, showcasing exceptional speed and skill. Koerdel's impressive performances, including a second-place finish, an 11th place, and two first-place victories, propelled him to the top of the rankings. Nicolas Goyard from France, who previously held the lead, now finds himself in third place. Luuc van Opzeeland from the Netherlands jumped to second place, while fellow countryman Huig Jan Tak dropped to fourth.

Meanwhile, in the women's fleet, Sharon Kantor and Tamar Steinberg from Israel continued to dominate, maintaining their first and second positions, respectively. Pilar Lamadrid from Spain made a remarkable surge to third place, while Sara Wennekes from the Netherlands dropped to fifth. The level of competition within the fleets is remarkably high, fueling the excitement and intensity of the championships.

Beyond the fierce competition, the event boasts an incredible sense of camaraderie and friendship among the participants. Within the iQFOiL class, rivals can also be friends, creating a unique atmosphere where lasting friendships are forged. This camaraderie sets the event apart in the world of high-level sports. Credit: @SailingEnergy / @iQFOiLClass

As the championships unfold, the focus not only remains on the quest for the European title but also on the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympics, which are only a year away. The level of competition continues to rise, as athletes prepare for the qualifiers of this extraordinary event. The iQFOiL class showcases the pinnacle of windsurfing, captivating audiences worldwide with its thrilling races and inspiring performances.

Tomorrow holds the promise of more exhilarating racing, with the potential rescheduling of the postponed marathon race. The iQFOiL European Championships are a testament to the athletes' skill, determination, and the global appeal of this dynamic water sport. As the quest for victory intensifies, the world eagerly anticipates the outcomes of each race, leading up to the crowning of the European champions and the road to Paris 2024.

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