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Excitement Kicks Off at Day 1 of 2024 iQGames Miyakojima

The iQGames in Miyakojima started of with off with enthusiasm as athletes embarked on the first day of racing in the Olympic iQFOiL Class here in Japan. This event marks the inaugural spectacle of the season, promising a series of exhilarating races spanning across the globe.

Credit: @SailingEnergy / @iQFOiLClass

Miyakojima - February, 17, 2024

Following the Opening Ceremony earlier today, competitors took to the waters for the racing. Despite initially light winds, the gradual escalation of breeze imbued the race committee with optimism for a do some slalom races.

As athletes headed into the waters, the wind presented itself as robust yet capriciously shifting. Amidst these conditions, the decision was made to initiate the racing procedure for slalom. The mens fleet had the first start as they headed across the line for their first race of the day.

Regrettably, a sudden wind shift coupled with a rapid decrease in wind intensity forced the race organizers to abandon the race prematurely. Despite efforts to persevere, the iQFOiL'ers barely navigated to the first mark before the race was abandoned.

Subsequently, a wait ensued, with hopeful eyes scanning the horizon for signs of renewed wind. However, the anticipated resurgence of wind never materialized, compelling the officials to usher the athletes back to shore, where they patiently awaited further developments.

Unfortunately the wind never returned as the athletes were waiting ashore and AP over A was displayed making an end to day 1. The iQGames Miyakojima 2024 promises to deliver an exciting week of racing, as athletes make their way through the course in the dynamic waters off the coast of Miyakojima.

For updates and insights, stay tuned to our official channels to follow the iQGames Miyakojima.

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