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Eco Sail Stickers from SouthEast Signage

The iQFoil Class consistently aims to reduce their impact across as many touch points as possible. As a result, the Class recommends that sailors obtain their stickers from South East Signage.

Our choice to support South East Signage has many reasons. The company is run by windsurfer Sam Latham, who has raced on RS:X and slalom. Meaning the concept behind the stickers is backed by the knowledge of the important qualities needed for the sail sticker to be premium quality. After concerns with the vast amount of waste going into landfills by print companies, Sam has spent the last 18 months investing, designing and creating a custom solution for the marine environment to help minimise waste to landfills.

The new eco sticker concept has already reduced the company's landfill waste by two thirds. The stickers use virtually no harsh chemicals and instead use natural water-based inks. The stickers are almost entirely made and sourced locally, significantly reducing their carbon footprint. These stickers are recyclable, and South East Signage can guarantee this if returned to them.

South East Signage has more in the pipeline. By working towards a zero waste to landfill solution for the release liners and reducing CO2 emissions even further. Whilst the producer already offsets its carbon emissions, further actions are in place to minimise air freight delivery. South East Signage is organising with Team GB and the Class to drive bulk orders to event sites.

Read more on the Q&A below.

Questions and Answer Text

South East Signage works on many areas to reduce their environmental impact, let’s take a look.

What are these stickers made from?

Their stickers are made from Polypropylene (PP). To our knowledge, this is currently the least impactful sticker material. The material is also 37% lighter than standard sticker materials.

What is the end of life situation for these stickers?

These stickers are recyclable! PP plastic is a highly sought after material. However, only a few specific recyclers will recycle this. Give your sticker to the sticker ambassador from Team GB who will take these back to the South East Signage for recycling! Standard PVC stickers will end up in landfills with no further use.

How can I tell if it's an eco sticker?

Look for this logo:

(If it does not have this logo, it cannot be recycled).

Are they less sticky because they are eco?

These stickers are stickier. South East Signage and the manufacturers run tests of the adhesives and these came out the strongest! You only have to make sure you carefully apply the stickers to secure the bond. Instructions are provided with every order.

What type of ink is used?

Water-based inks are Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) free and work well with the PP material. Meaning, less chemical vapour in the air at room temperature. Unlike Chemical based solvents, which are toxic to users and the environment, very difficult to safely dispose of.

What type of glue is used?

Water-based, using fewer chemicals than PVC stickers.

Can we recycle the backing paper?

The paper is layered in a material that makes it hard to recycle. For now, South East Signage is working on a recycling solution for these sticker liners. Keep these safe!

What is the sticker's travel footprint like?

Many ingredients are made in the UK and travel a short distance. Orders will either be; delivered in bulk to events or taken to events with one of the Team GB riders. Meaning the carbon footprint is kept to a minimum as no additional modes of transport are needed. Standard sticker materials are likely to travel huge distances with component manufacture happening in many locations.

Are the stickers applied differently?

Yes! It is important to apply the stickers dry, not wet. The best way is to use masking tape. Hold the sticker in place and apply it in two halves, making it more manageable. Use a soft squeegee. View the South East Signage Instagram page for tutorials.

How do I order the stickers?

Head to the online store using the link below, via mobile, tablet or computer. 1% goes toward climate removal programs when you pay via Credit Card. PayPal is also available. Order stickers here!

When will the stickers arrive?

Stickers are normally dispatched within 2-3 business days.

International shipping will arrive within 5-10 days for most destinations, with an express option available depending on the destination, this takes 2-5 days.

South East Signage updates their social media and website when they are able to offer free shipping to European events. If you have a friend flying from the UK to you, please message us and we can send the stickers to the UK destination for flying.

Who do I know who's used the stickers?

A large portion of Team GB and quite a few USA sailors. To name a few: Tom Squires, Sarah Jackson, Nik Baker, Alice Read, Matt Barton, Team Aruba, Danicka Sailer, Mani, Pahuatini, Emma Wilson, Nico Perez, Fiona Wylde. Antono Cozzolino.

What are the delivery costs?

To reduce emissions we are working with Team GB to take orders to events. However, as a sailor, you are aware of how logistic plans regularly change. The most secure way of guaranteeing that your order arrives is to place group orders through the site. Delivery is free delivery for large orders (depending on location). We are also working with the iQFoil Class to arrange key events where orders can be collected on-site. Please keep an eye on our social media for more information.

Take a look at other reduction impacts by South East Signage.

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