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Day 6 Unveils Slalom Racing Amidst Rain at U21 Worlds & iQGames Silvaplana

Silvaplana, Switzerland - 26/08/23 The competition at the U21 Worlds & iQGames Silvaplana encountered a dynamic Day 6, marked by an intriguing set of slalom racing and rain. The day's action commenced with the first start at 12:00 PM, capitalizing on a robust yet variable wind that necessitated the choice of slalom racing due to its patchy and gusty nature, a testament to the varying wind strengths across the expansive lake.

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Credit: @SailingEnergy / @iQFOiLClass

The day's racing itinerary initiated with the women's fleet embarking on 3 slalom races, followed by their male counterparts, who engaged in an equal number of races. Regrettably, as heavy rain clouds gathered on the horizon, the wind began to drop, leading to a challenging scenario that prompted a necessary postponement of racing. Ultimately, the AP/A flag was hoisted, signaling the cessation of racing for the remainder of the day. With this conclusion, a total of 15 races for both the men and women was reached, setting the ranking for tomorrow's medal series.

This also implies that equipment inspection is successfully conducted today, meaning we can geo straight into racing tomorrow. The impending medal series, a uniquely designed series to determine the new champions, comprises a quarter-final, semi-final, and final. Ranking leaders stand as early podium contenders, with the first-placed athlete automatically securing a spot in the final. Simultaneously, the second and third-ranked competitors earn automatic entry into the semi-final. Meanwhile, the remaining top 10 participants commence the competition in the quarter-final.

The current frontrunners are assured of a podium finish, with Adi Millo leading the women's fleet and Gaspard Carfantan reigning in the men's fleet. Amid the promise of a meteorological forecast hinting at abundant rain, the potential challenge of wind conditions heightens the anticipation for tomorrow's racing. The resilient spirit of the athletes remains unwavering, ensuring that regardless of the conditions, each day brings a fresh opportunity to showcase their skills.

Stay connected and keep your eyes peeled for more gripping racing action on the horizon.

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