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Day 3 of iQFOiL International Games in Torbole Sees Unpredictable Winds and racing on the U course

The third day of the iQFOiL International Games in Torbole presented windsurfers with an intricate dance of wind and weather. Overcast skies and light breezes necessitated to slalom racing, making precise timing on the start crucial. The day began with both the women's and men's fleets crossing the start line early, leading to general recalls, illustrating the challenge of starting with such light winds. In these conditions, every second counts, and being off the mark can put you at a considerable disadvantage.

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Unfortunately, the morning wind was capricious, dissipating earlier than expected. As a result, only three races were completed for the women and two for the men. Afterward, the AP/H signal was hoisted, and the athletes returned to shore. After 3,5 hours of waiting ashore the Ora wind filled into the lake resulting in a perfect 8 to 11 knots. The athletes were send out back onto the water for the last races of the day.

This was the first time the U course was sailed in the iQFOiL Class after it was voted in last year during the AGM. The result seems positive, close action racing in light winds with upwind tactics included into the game is a positive for our sport.

1 race for women and 2 for men were sailed on the U course this afternoon placing the total amount of races on 4 in both the men and women’s fleet. the day's results brought some shifts in the rankings. Norwegian Endre Funnemark made a significant move, claiming the 2nd spot in the ranking. Meanwhile, Onur Cavit Biriz scored another 2 first places and continues to lead the pack. The 3rd position was secured by Frenchman Yun Pouliquen, while Clément Bourgeois slipped several places.

In the women's fleet, German Alisa Engelmann held her ground in 1st place, while Czech windsurfer Katerina Svikova and Turkish competitor Dilara Uralp Palombo settled into 2nd and 3rd places, respectively. With the unpredictable winds of Lake Garda, every race is a testament to the windsurfers' skill and adaptability, and we eagerly await the continuation of this thrilling competition.

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