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Anami and Sunaga keep the lead into the final series.

Miyakojima brought us 10 knots of wind on the third day of the competition. The plan for today is 4 slalom races and a lecture about the medal series. The lecture is for all athletes who have never sailed a medal series and want to learn more about how it works.

Credit: @SailingEnergy

Miyakojima, Japan

Warm and sunny weather welcomed us on Miyakojima, Japan on day 3 of racing, with 10 knots of wind, racing was tight on the slalom course. This day is the decider on who finishes in the medal series and where they will stand in the final. A crucial moment for all athletes.

With a perfect wind direction, it was possible to race right in front of the beach, attracting spectators towards the event and show of the Beauty of IQFOIL windsurfing. With 4 races right in front of the beach this day we completed the total amount of races, giving the athletes some time to rest before tomorrow's medal series. However for those who wanted to learn the iQFOIL class team gave a lecture about the medal series for those who have never been in one.

In the Medal series lecture, they explained how the medal series exactly works and all the different courses that can be sailed during this series of races.

Tomonori Anami and Yuki Sunaga were able to keep their lead in the ranking on day three and will start tomorrow's final series from first place making them secure of a medal.

Tomorrow racing continues with the all-or-nothing Medal series.


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