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A final in Miyakojima

Day 5 brought the climax to the iQGames Miyakojima as the Medal series took center stage. This series of races saw athletes battling it out, with eliminations determining the ultimate event winners.

Credit: @SailingEnergy / @iQFOiLClass

The Medal series comprised three finals: a quarter-final featuring ranking numbers 4 to 10, a semi-final with ranking numbers 2 and 3, and the grand final, where the top-ranked contender automatically secured a spot. Manolo Modena (ITA) in the men's and Yuki Sunaga (JPN) in the women's had already clinched spots in the final, guaranteeing themselves of a medal and substantial prize money.

The series was a rollercoaster of excitement, with frequent changes in leadership amidst shifting winds. Athletes navigated the unpredictable conditions, making strategic decisions crucial to finish in the top 2 to advance to that next final.

In the grand final, Kensei Ikeda seized the lead from Manolo, capitalizing on a late gybe by the Italian. Despite Manolo's attempts to regain ground, Ikeda defended his position with skill, crossing the finish line first to claim victory at the iQGames Miyakojima.

In the women's division, Sofia Renna showcased her skills, dominating both the quarter-final and semi-final before surging ahead in the final race to surpass event leader Sunaga. Renna's determined performance secured her the title of women's event winner.

Credit: @SailingEnergy / @iQFOiLClass

With a prize purse totaling €45,000, the top 5 athletes received substantial support for their racing endeavors, travel expenses, and equipment purchases. Additionally, the fastest men and women of the event, Manolo Modena and Linda Oprandi respectively, were awarded a €1,000 prize each for their speeds during the competition.

The iQGames Miyakojima 2024 concludes with day 5 finished. The iQGames Miyakojima left an incredible impression on both athletes and staff as the island provided us with the best conditions and the most amazing backdrop. We will be back in 2025!


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